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Manager - Data Science

10+ Years






Seeking passionate and smart individuals for managing a team of data scientists and creating analytics solutions under the Big Data and Analytics practice of Innominds. The position requires knowledge, experience and data leadership to research, design and implement complete data science and analytics solutions for Innominds’ customers and partners. The position also requires to build a generic but robust data mining and predictive analytics accelerators/ solutions for Innominds that could be offered as a ready solution to customers.

The position demands a flair for research and innovation in identifying new technologies, building new algorithms, improving existing algorithms and creating solutions for known business, process and domain specific problems.


  • Design through a team, a data science/ AI solution to a customer’s requirement and business context
  • Lead customer engagement in data analytics to take customer's business problem and convert it into a data science problem through
    • Data Sources
    • Acquisition
    • Alternative Data/ Augmented Data
    • Transformations
    • Data Pipelines
  • Provide direction in research and find the best solution to the data science problem through algorithm fit or new algorithm development
  • Prepare testing strategies on the algorithms adequately before deployment at client
  • Manage customer communication and engagement terms
  • Train, mentor and upskill data scientists
  • Hire data scientists into the practice

Mandatory Skills

At least 10 to 15 years of experience in Data Science with at least 5 enterprise projects using open source technologies

  • Experience in data science in terms of standard and emerging analytic techniques in estimation, classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction or recommendation
  • Worked on Computer Vision, Sequence Models, Speech and Text and other structured data including time series analysis
  • Experience in Deep Learning on Tensorflow, H2O, Theano or other platforms
  • Experience in SparkML
  • Experience in Machine Learning and should have closed at least 4 projects in different verticals
  • Experience across a range of algorithms and methods in data preparation and analysis
  • Experience on predictive analytics and/or ML tools such as SAS, FlinkML, SparkML
  • Knows at least 1 programming language deeply such as R, Python or Java
  • Understands thoroughly at least 1 domain such as financial services, healthcare, retail, telecom or commerce

Desired Skills

  • Good at researching new techniques in classification or estimation or dimensionality reduction
  • Knows Hadoop ecosystem very well
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP) and the cloud cognitive services

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