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Data Scientist

4 - 8 years






  • Experienced professional or an active researcher in one or multiple of the following areas: OCR-ICR technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Technologies, Natural Language Processing, Image Mining, Pattern Recognition on Digital Media ,and Information Retrieval (handling data types, ranging from traditional structured data, semi-structured data such as logs; text, social networks, audio, images, and video)
  • Experience in Neural network, Deep learning (Feed forward, Recursive, Recurrent LSTM, Auto encoder, CNN), Transfer
  • Minimum 4-8 years of
  • Full Stack developer using Tensor flow, Theano, Caffe
  • Familiarity with details of implementing algorithms on multi-core CPUs, clusters (MPI), GPUs
  • Strong knowledge in Capability to develop production ready solution using Python.
  • Worked as a Data Scientist in the product development project
  • Experience in distributed frameworks (e.g. Graph Lab, Spark, Hadoop)
  • Experience in Mongo DB, Index server, Graph DB, MQ.

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