Smart Assets: Innominds Engineering Innovation Report 

This report by Katy Ring of 451 Research details Innominds’ unique capabilities to cater to global OEMS and ISVs, helping them operate with the next generation design of assets by building consumer connected devices and industrial grade IoT 

The 451 Research report notes Innominds’ expertise that include: 

  • Building intelligent sensors for both greenfield and brownfield projects for discrete determination of asset health   
  • Custom engineering of ultra-low-energy GPS tracking devices with time-series forecasts and visualizations 
  • Vision-basedminimally invasive medical devices with cloud-controlled software that forewarns shutdowns  
  • Servitization of electric vehicles, services management assets and smart warehouse solutions  

For a complete understanding and 360 degrees view of Innominds’ competency in the product engineering for smart IoT devices on a case-by-case basis, get a copy of the 451 Research’s report by filling in the form.  

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