Innominds leverages emerging methodologies for core testing practices. Our strategy helps accelerate continuous development, integration, and product quality assurance of software platforms, software products, and connected device solutions. We are constantly in pursuit of better testing methodologies to parallel product development. Aside from core testing skills, development and scripting add value to our portfolio and aid in providing end to end solutions for our clients.

Featured Solutions

1. Tested various components of Sencha web and mobile application development solution suite across the product’s evolution over the years.

2. Developed re-usable functions to test all data retrievers and tested for functionality, white-box, and product certification across OS releases of a security information and event management product.

3. Developed frameworks and automated test scripts for testing a WAN analysis portal that helps customers to manage multi-protocol label switching.

4.Testing as part of multiple development engagements of products, such as digital marketing, asset tracking, hospital management, and so forth.