Innominds taps its skill sets, strategies, processes, functionalities, and designs to arrive at a user enabling interface for a variety of enterprise roles. This translates to a meaningful experience that makes for faster user adoption and market acceptance.

Our aim is to be our client’s strategic partner in crafting that experience as conceptualization happens and thereafter. We bring to the process our experience in desktop, web, and mobile UI design and engineering.

Featured Solutions

1. Designed and implemented an engaging yet productive user experience for construction professionals to track and manage assets.

2. Designed and implemented user interface across web and mobile for a mobile workspace as a service platform used by administrators and end users.

3. Re-engineering the design and user interface for a hospital management product suite used by a variety of users in a hospital.

4. Designing UI and assisting in management regarding a machine data analytics product that harnesses the mass of sensor data generated by modern, high-value mechanical assets.